Monday, 20 February 2012

Project - Kaibutsu-kun (怪物くん)

The next project is Kaibutsu-kun (怪物くん), one of the many manga written by Motoo Abiko (安孫子 素雄), which is more popularly known as 藤子 A 不二雄 - Fujiko Fujio (The partnership of master Motoo and master Hiroshi Fujimoto (藤本 弘 - also known as 藤子 F 不二雄) in the early years.  The Animated series in colour was ran over 2 years time from 1980-1982.  The story about a young prince from monster island, traveling to the human world to explore and meet different people/monsters, with his companions - Dracula, Franken, and Wolfman.

As life becomes busy, the project is foreseeable to move fairly slow.

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  1. Yay!! U finished this project! And you were right, it did move fairly slow... Now make more rilakkuma! hahaa jks jks