Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Papercraft - WoWo go Roar!

With an old brown folder and spare time after office hour, a simple papercraft of "WoWo go Roar!" is made.

The story 'WoWo go Roar!' roughly came together a couple years back.  It's about a baby lion being dressed as a full grown to better protect himself while looking for his lost parents, with his shrunken friend who has a chain-gun on his left arm, looking for a way to scale himself back to normal... as their journey goes on, the ironic dependency relationship gets developed between the two... can't sound lamer than that.  I haven't give it much thoughts after, so story remains.

Template to follow (Dracula from Katbutsu-kun is soon to come)


  1. I love the story!!! My eyes got teary from reading it!! Literally!

  2. Thanks, glad someone actually find that story interesting :)

    Here is a simple template of WoWo in color: